Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory

Most taxpayers experienced headachy taxation problems. They may be peeved either by dealing with the issue of profits tax of enterprise or self salaries tax. Should the case be improperly handled, taxpayer may suffer loss on both money and time significantly by the problems raised.

Our primary aim is to minimize our client’s tax liability under regulatory requirements. We offer professional tax planning and arrangements advice to our clients under particular circumstance. We serve clients by demonstrating our in-depth acquaintance with competent tax analysis in order to formulate and execute those arrangements. Clients can enjoy their tax-relief over rigorous plan, regular review and attentive discussion.

For the purpose of achieving efficient and effective tax-relief, overseas tax plans may sometimes be introduced in particular circumstance.

Our role in tax issue

As a tax representative of clients, we provide the services as follows:

  • Assist client on the preparation and submission of tax return
  • Save unnecessary tax expense by implementation of corporate and personal tax plan
  • Reply queries raised by revenue authority on behalf of clients
  • Communicate and negotiate with revenue authority during field audit / tax investigation
  • Deal with the tax affairs for employees’remuneration and individual tax return
  • Deliver professional advice for reducing estate and stamp duty
  • Handle property tax return
  • Preparation of personal assessment
  • Tax litigation and litigation support