We provide high level assurance of accountancy works over different types of industry and have proficiency experience in catering, logistics, trading, retailing, club, electronic business, incorporated owners of buildings, professional association and manufacturing sectors. In order to give our clients a proper understanding on the financial issue, we purvey our professional analysis and advice with supplementary of financial reports.

We offer clients the accountancy services, ranging from recording transactions to preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements, as follows:

  • Use appropriate accounting software for recording transactions
  • Prepare financial statements on a timely basis
  • Provide breakdown for the purpose of auditing
  • Assist the establishment and improvement of enterprise’s accounting system

Most clients require their accountancy works to be prepare on a monthly basis in order to give a sharp and effective image of understanding. However, some may choose to prepare on a quarterly, half-year or annual basis.

ocuments required for preparation of financial statements

We have drawn up a checklist for the relevant documents required in accordance with the instructions by Inland Revenue for the purpose of preparation of financial statements, details are summarized as follows:

Type of transaction Record to be maintained
Sales Sales invoice, Goods return note, Receipt slip, Daily receipt record, Till-roll, etc
Purchases Purchases invoice, Petty cash voucher, Payment slip, Cheque stub, Statement
General expenses Expenses invoice, Payment receipt, Cheque stub, Salary record
Bank transaction Bank statements, Bank paid-in slip and related receipt details, Cheque stub and copy (Please specify the transaction amount, nature and payee details)
Tangible assets Purchase and sale agreement, Invoice and receipt, Cheque stub and copy
Inventory Inventory list (Including quantity and unit cost on every items) Obsolete or slowing-moving inventory
Investment Security ask/bid confirmation slip, Purchase and sale agreement, Capital inspection report (Apply for PRC investment)